Call Break

Call break is a quite popular games among board/card game players. Unlike other games like Marriage and 29, this games is pretty easy to learn and play. We tried to bring best game environment in this call break game. You can play this call break game offline without internet connection.

You can select different card themes and get enjoy the game.

Call Break, also known as ‘call brake’ is a relatively long-run game played with 52 cards deck between 4 players with 13 cards each. It’s game rules are pretty easy to learn.

There are 5 rounds in Call Break game including 13 trick in one round. For each deal, player must play the same suit card. Spade is default trump card in Call Break. The player with highest deals after 5 rounds will be the winner. You can pick your bid, play with competitive opponents, make a correct bid for every deal to show off your skills and trick. Currently we’re trying to build a callbreak multiplayer platform for Call Break, so please stay tuned. Once the callbreak multiplayer version is ready, you’ll be able to play with your friends using hot-spot or internet connection.
Local Names:
– Callbreak in Nepal
– Lakdi, Lakadi in India

Happy Playing!